Theophilos Bible Software

Our award winning Bible software Theophilos has become one of the most popular Bible study packages on the market today. The many advanced features are being enjoyed by many thousands of users around the globe...

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Price: FREE

Theophilos Library CD


Theophilos Library CD is a wealthy source of reference materials that will supplement the free package of Theophilos to make your study more effective. Current CD is our third release and it comes PACKED with 43 Bibles, 57 reference and study titles, multimedia narrations, illustrations, maps and Christian music...

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Basic Edition: $19.95
Student Edition: $49.95
Scholar Edition: $69.95

Theophilos Online Library


Our Online Library contains a wealth of free downloadable Bibles and reference books along with information on books that can be purchased for a reasonable price.

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Scribe for Theophilos


Many have asked for a way to be able to import text into our Theophilos Bible Software. We have taken this request a little further and created a full featured authoring tool we call Scribe for Theophilos. This tool has the ability to create add-on modules for Theophilos Bible program...

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Basic: $29.95
Professional: $99.95


Theophilos Audio Bible CD


In cooperation with Audio Bible we have released Theophilos Audio Bible CD - a new product with Theophilos and narration by Alexander Scourby. For many years has been Alexander Scourby known as the "Voice of the Bible". His famous Bible narration has been making a difference in lives of many millions of people all over the world. The entire Bible with over 72 hours of audio is available on a single CD-ROM for a price you won't believe. We are quite confident that you will not find a better value at any price.

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Price: $49.95

James Burton Coffman's Bible Study Library

Abilene Christian University Press has released their second CD-ROM product with Theophilos titled "James Burton Coffman's Bible Study Library". This product takes advantage of Theophilos technology and features Dr. Coffman's commentaries on the whole Bible among other resources. The CD is available in many fine Christian bookstores.

ACU is a Christian university with a mission to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

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The Best of C. R. Nichol

The Best of C. R. Nichol is yet another CD from the Abilene Christian University Press. The collection includes the "Nichol's Pocket Bible Encyclopedia" and three other great works by C. R. Nichol. The CD is available in many fine Christian bookstores.

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The Living Word Commentaries

The Living Word Commentaries, a great CD title from the Abilene Christian University Press collection. The Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha, the Septuagint (LXX) and yes, you guessed it, the Living Word Commentaries on the Old and New Testaments, plus many other valuable study tools, make this CD title a real gem for the serious student. The CD is available in many fine Christian bookstores.

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Bible Wisdom CD set

Topics Entertainment, Inc. are the publishers of the Bible Wisdom - a set of four CDs one of which is the Theophilos Library CD. This product is available in many department and wholesale store chains in your area.

Price: usually $19.95

Passion for the Bible CD set

Spur your Bible study on to even greater levels of understanding with Passion for the Bible from Topics Entertainment, Inc. Besides a valuable collection of Theophilos titles includes bonus materials featuring selected New Testament readings by James Earl Jones, as well as virtual tours and printed maps of the Holy Land. This product is available in many department and wholesale store chains in your area.

Price: usually $29.95

e Bible Library CD

e Bible Library, a product of The Word Group Inc. which includes among other interesting titles also "The Message", the Bible in easy to understand English. This title is available in many fine online and retail stores in your area.

Price: usually $24.99

Bible Suite Library CD

Ready Marketing, LLC, makers of Bible Suite Library products have released their latest version of Bible Suite Library CD with Theophilos. What makes this collection of Bibles and study materials so special? First of all, for the first time one of the most popular English Bible translations is available here for Theophilos: the New International Version. Another unique feature of this CD is the narration of the entire New Testament by James Earl Jones.

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